Assata Shakur documentary “Eyes of the Rainbow”


Eyes of the Rainbow was an interesting documentary. The doumentary was about Assata Shakur who is a African American Black Panter and Black Liberaion Army leader. She escaped from prison and was given a polictal asylum in Cuba where she has lived for over a decade. The documentary takes place in Havana and Assata opens up about her history and her new life in Cuba. Throughout the documentary Assata sheds light on the Afro Cuban culture such as the Yoruba Orisha Oya. Assata also goes into depth about the struggle of African American and how women past and present have tried to proclaim social justice. There was also moments of song and dance which I found to be very moving. In an indirect way Assata also share with the viewers her decsion on becoming a mother in prison. she was also confined in a men’s prison which she explains to be awful. They treated her very unhumanly. Her family was a major support system for her while she was incarcerated which she says helped her get through. The film was very touching and informative. 


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