Chapters 1 & 2 The Politics Of Black Femonist Thought & Distinguishing Features of Black Feminist Thought

In Patricia Hill Collin’s Black Feminist Thought, Collins states that Black women collectively have a distinct “standpoint” from which they view the larger society. I think what she means by this is as black women as a whole we all do share the same stigma from the world and how the how the world views “the black woman” which is not in such a positive light. However I do not feel that all black women share the same experiences because we all come from different upbrings and backgrounds that shapes us into our own. My experiences that I have have gone through are much differnet than lets say a black woman who looks black but has a white parent so they can’t really connect to my experience or vice versa. For example I have friends who are black but  but just because we share the same skin color does not mean we both grew up in single parent households like I did .At the same token not all black women may feel like they have been oppressed. Maybe the black woman as a whole but not indivually. Which collions states in her book and I quote, ” Despite the common challenges conffronting African American women as a group, individual Black women neither have identical experiences nor intpret experiences in a similar fashion” (Collins 30). My standpoint is that I hope all black women from all walks from life can come together and uplift each other and not feel like we have to put each other down because thats not a good look from other races to see us divided amongst our own people. I think I relate to Black feminism because whether I am aware of it or not I still have to fight in a world that is founded on white supremacy and male superiorty.



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